Holly & Beau

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 A magical experience guaranteed for little raincoat owner aged 2 – 8 years during any rainy day.

This raincoat is made from 100% waterproof fabric and guaranteed to keep children dry during any downpour.

This travel ready raincoat also can be folded away into their own bag attached to the back of the coat.



Holly & Beau is a British brand that founded by brother and sister (Jack and Fleur) who want to change gloomy rain days to magical ones!

Their mission is to brighten up any rainy days and put smile on every child by wearing a special raincoats.

Believe or not… these pack away raincoats magically burst into array of colours when in contact with water due to Magic Colour technology® and return to its original colours once it is dry.

 holly and beau

 The production for this product has been temporally discontinued.